Old West Choir Fest

Below you will find answers to the most common questions.  If you have other questions, feel free to contact Mr. Ronne directly.

What is Old West Choir Fest?

Old West Choir Fest is a show choir competition that was started  almost 40 years ago by a local radio station (KMOR).  The competition began as a band competition, show choir competition and hot air balloon race.  The race was dropped for decades (and has recently returned) and the band competition moved to a different weekend.  The event is a highly educational day for  choirs to grow as performing ensembles as well as to have a fun day in the spirit of competition.

When does this event take place?

The choir competition is held on the first Saturday of November each year.  It is an all day event at Scottsbluff High School.

How does my school get registered?

Check out our registration page.

How does the competition work?

The choirs are broken up into division (1A-5A) based on school size and age of the group.  Awards will be given after the 5A division is complete during the daytime.  There will be up to 7 groups competing in the Best of Fest finals in the evening.  They will be as follows: Groups 1-4: The top scoring groups in divisions 2A-5A Group 5 & 6: The next TWO high scoring groups not already in the finals Group 7 (optional): Judges may vote to select ONE wildcard favorite group Those 7 groups + Scottsbluff Choralaires will perform at the evening show beginning at 7PM. Check out our complete information on rules and awards.

What awards are given?

This year we are bringing three outstanding judges that will provide complete judging results and recorded comments.  The recordings will be made on an mp3 player.  Instructions will be given at the event on how directors will access those recordings.  Trophies or plaques will be given for the following: 
  • Gold Rating
  • Silver Rating
  • Best of the Fest (winner of evening competition)
  • Best Soloist (chosen by the judges)
  • Best Choreography (chosen by the judges)
  • Class Act (chosen by the event staff for spirit, sportsmanship, friendliness, clean home room, etc.)

How many choirs and what age groups compete?

There are usually around 25 choirs that can compete at the competition.  They range from Jr. High groups (that are not eligible for finals) up through  high school varsity level groups.

Who plans the event and who keeps the proceeds?

The event is planned and run by Scottsbluff High School.  The music parents are heavily involved in the planning and execution of the day.  All proceeds from the event itself are retained in the Scottsbluff Choir program.  This helps Scottsbluff fund the show choir program.

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